Stockholm 2018

Drone Dancing is a multi-format social art exhibition which takes place for the first time at Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Aug. 27 to Sep. 7. 

The first exhibition is based on four pillars:


A) Drone Visions Group Exhibition

The co-creational, participatory self-curated and self-budgeted group exhibition is the exhibition's main feature - a social art experiment funded by Kulturbryggan.


B) Lectures, Workshops, Panels

Creating relatable vision for our expected lifetime is significant, urgent and relevant. Therefore, we invite leading experts and scientist from interdisciplinary and international backgrounds to share their speculations with us.


C) Curated Artists

Our curational team will hand-pick selected artists with visionary artworks from several countries. Led by Färgfabriken, our partners serve as co-curators: TodaysArt, Click festival, Goethe-Institut, ArtSci Nexus and CTM.  


D) Events & Parties

How will we socialise in the future? Will AI music sound better than human live music? Will drones dance better than we do?



Lövholmsbrinken 1
117 43 Stockholm

T-bana: Liljeholmen
Tvärbana: Trekanten