Our Vision 2047

”In 2047, geo-engineering has solved all climate problems; energy and processing power is almost for free; the average expected (healthy) lifespan has increased to 200 years; robots have taken over our jobs and, by taxing them, every human enjoys a general basic income.”

Now may be the most exciting time to live in so far. It is also the time to ensure that not only artificial intelligence evolves but also an artistic intelligence. An artistic intelligence that makes sure that the drones of the future will be dancing with - and not without us.


The exhibition was based on four pillars:


A) Drone Visions Group Exhibition

The co-creational, participatory self-curated and self-budgeted group exhibition is the exhibition's main feature - a social art experiment funded by Kulturbryggan.


B) Lectures & Workshops

Creating relatable vision for our expected lifetime is significant, urgent and relevant. Therefore, we invited leading experts and scientist from interdisciplinary and international backgrounds to share their speculations with us.


Our curational team will hand-pick selected artists with visionary artworks from several countries. Led by Färgfabriken, our partners serve as co-curators: TodaysArt, Click festival, Goethe-Institut, ArtSci Nexus and CTM.



D) Events & Parties

How will we socialise in the future? Will AI music sound better than human live music? Will drones dance better than we do?


Who is behind?

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Initiated by the Goethe-Institut Schweden and made possible with funding frrom Kulturbryggan, Drone Dancing is an international collaboration between Färgfabriken (SWE), Goethe-Institut (GER), TodaysArt festival (NL), Glasgow Science Centre (SCO), Click Festival (DEN), and several other contributing partners. We are organized as a non-profit organisation under the name Drone Dancing Society to promote and realize interdisciplinary events and exhibitions around futuristic topics. It owns production company AI Artistic Intelligence AB.




The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach. We promote knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation. We convey a comprehensive image of Germany by providing information about cultural, social and political life in our nation. Our cultural and educational programmes encourage intercultural dialogue and enable cultural involvement. They strengthen the development of structures in civil society and foster worldwide mobility. 



Funded by:


Kulturbryggan is an alternative funding organization with the aim of promoting innovation and development within cultural areas all over Sweden. We are honored and proud to receive funds from their program. This is what they wrote about Drone Dancing as one of two projects that are featured on their website:

”Dansa med drönare! Teknologisk utveckling sker exponentiellt snabbt och kommer radikalt förändra våra liv och hela världen. Ändå har vi ingen aning om hur framtiden kommer se ut om 30 år, dvs. inom mångas förväntade livstid. Projektet ”Drone Dancing" påstår att det är konstens plikt att skapa visioner som allmänheten kan föreställa sig och relatera till. Interdisciplinära grupper av forskare, konstnärer, humanister, teoretiker och hantverkare sätts ihop genom en open call för att utveckla historier om denna framtid. Med participatoriska metoder skapar de gemensamt fiktiva artister från år 2047 och även deras konstverk. Publiken involveras genom rollspel där den t.ex. blir till en AI som talar med konstnärer från framtiden. Performances, vetenskapliga föreläsningar och musikprogram kompletterar utställningen för att attrahera en bred och framtidsintresserad publik.”
- Björn Wurmbach, projektägare





Färgfabriken is our exhibition, curation and concept partner in Stockholm. Färgfabriken has, since its founding in 1995, served as a platform for contemporary cultural expressions, with an emphasis on art, architecture and urban planning. In many of our projects and exhibitions, both in Sweden and abroad, we have developed methods with the purpose of exploring and trying to understand the complexities of our constantly changing world. Färgfabriken is driven by a desire to reflect upon the heterogeneous and multicultural world we live in. We want to test the limits of what an art space is, and could become.

Read more about Färgfabriken



Exhibition Partner

TodaysArt is an international platform for trans-disciplinary creativity and digital culture, exploring new possibilities and forms of expressions. TodaysArt operates as a network organization specialized in the presentation and development of contemporary visual art, performances and emerging culture. Since 2005 TodaysArt has brought artists, makers, thinkers and audiences together in inspiring contexts.

TodaysArt developed from a festival organization to a worldwide platform committed to create an environment which facilitates new ideas. Inspired by actual topics TodaysArt aspires to promote and foster innovation, creativity and public interest for current developments within arts, culture and society. TodaysArt has built up an impressive international profile over the past eleven years by presenting and producing works that are developed through direct and intensive relationships

Due to the potential synergies of the two concepts, an adoption of the Drone Dancing exhibition format into a two day festival format within the established TodaysArt festival in September 2019 is being pursued.

http://todaysart.org (organization)

http://todaysart.nl (festival)




CLICK Festival is an annual festival for contemporary art embracing and exploring the field between art, science and technology. Through concerts, exhibitions, talks, workshops and performances CLICK introduces the whys, the whats and the wows of tomorrow.

Now. The festival takes place each year in May where curious and creative minds from around the globe flock to Elsinore outside Copenhagen. Hosted in an old, abandoned shipyard, the intimate festival presents the latest in art, sci-tech, music and performance.

The program features a vanguard of artists, musicians and performers as well as hosting talks and workshops by creative industry movers and shakers. Each year the festival presents a theme processing human identity in a contemporary (and future) where technology and biology constantly expand and challenge the opportunities and limits of being human.



GSC logo.jpg

Glasgow Science Centre is one of Scotland's must-see visitor attractions - presenting concepts of science and technology in unique and inspiring ways.

Our vision is a Scotland where all people value science and technology to inform decision making, empower individuals and enrich lives.

Our mission is to be an essential bridge between citizens and science and technology. We inspire people of all ages to explore and understand the world around them, to discover and enjoy science and understand its relevance to their own lives.



More Supporters & Contributing Partner


Special credits

Website video “The Performer”

Directed by Michael Gugger
Music by Live Footage: Topu Lyo - electric cello, Mike Thies - drums + keys
Choreography by Amy Gardner
Performance by Jon Ole Olstad
Story Development by Varvara Kanellakopoulos
Assistant Brandan Gosse
DepthKit developed by James George and Alexander Porter


Photo credits / sources


Please make sure you contact the person working with the area your question relates to. 


Anna Hinrichsen

Drone Visions Facilitator and Communication assistant

Contact for participants and social media



Elsa Isaksson

Project Coordinator at Färgfabriken

Ask Elsa about the venue (Färgfabriken)


Björn Wurmbach.jpg

Björn Wurmbach

Idea and realization

Project leader on behalf of Goethe-Institut



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117 43 Stockholm

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Tvärbana: Trekanten

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